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A vision and and unwanted visitor.

Back in my apartment, we thought dat we were relatively safe. It was doubtful dat Angelus and the stiffener vamp knew where we were and the came could be said of the blonde idiot with the bullet hole in his face, whose eternal princess had been dusted.

Rory had told me dat he didn't tink dat it was likely dat any of the vamps would be able to track us here, but dat he wasn't one-hundred percent sure. He didn't tink dat any of his blood had been spilled from the fight at the hotel, but dat the only way dat he would no fer sure was if he went back and retraced his steps, which he wasn't going to do.

He asked how the visions worked, and befer I could tell him dat dey tended tuh be far apart and dat dere was no real timetable on dem, just when the powers-dat-be had a picture tuh show me, anudder vision hit me like a ton of bricks, as I dropped my scotch on the floor, falling back, finding Rory looking up at me, asking me what it was dat I was seeing.

"San Francisco. I can tell you dat much. A girl is in some real trouble from some demon types. She's a brunette, anudder stiffener, mun."

I saw the way dat Rory was looking at me. I knew what dat meant. He dought dat the demon in dat hotel might have been her when I described her in muh last vision. She turned out tuh be a vamp, but Rory had been getting visions of his own about a brunette, and he couldn't explain why. Dey were just sort of a package deal dat came with his soul.

"Doyle, was she tan, with long hair, medium to tall of height, curvy, beautiful?"

I looked at him, and only nodded. "From the looks of the vision, we have some time. This looks like it's eider two or three days from now. Should we get on anudder jet?"

He didn't hesitate and den nodded, but before he even finished de nod, a guest smashed through my window, and I wasn't getting the deposit money back now. It was Spike, and his face didn't look good, but he came at me, befer I could get to the gun and tossed me intuh the wall and I felt myself going through it.

Befer I could dust myself off, so tuh speak, a fistfight of epic proportions had broken out in muh apartment. I pulled myself up, as Spike drilled Rory, whom he had down, with punch after punch, whining about how his love had been taken away from him. Rory managed tuh get control and it was his turn tuh deliver the punishment, but after a couple of shots, Spike went dirty, just like the idiot that he is, and kicked Rory in the groin. He went for a stake by breaking my chair, and got it, as he had Rory down, but Rory sent him flying across the room with a kick and I picked up the gun again and fired, as Spike was hit with a couple of bullets in the stomach area.

Befer I could fire again, he screamed, and leapt out of the window, as Rory seemed to want to go fer him, but stopped, saying dat we had tuh get on a plane tonight. With dat, we left, packing up some belongings and while in the air, he asked me if I knew where we were going. I didn't know San Francisco very well, but it seemed tuh be happening at the marina.

"We should have killed Spike. He's going to keep coming back for us, and you, especially and dat was close, mun."

"He doesn't know that we are going to San Francisco, mate. This girl is more important then Spike or Angelus right now."

I nodded. He was right. The powers-dat-be wouldn't have sent me the pictures of dis girl unless she was special. Had me a Billy Dee on the flight, amazed dat the airline even had it.
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