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The murderer of the Sofilar's, in my car.

Buffy had showed up to get me out of the office in the library after all that...that had transpired on this very long night, escorted by a new friend. The friend turned out to be a vampire named Justin, which...which instantly, especially considering what Angel had done...or what Angelus had done, to Jenny, then to Willow and finally, to Cordelia, made me especially wary of him.

Justin told me that he had taken care of the two hitmen who had tried to kill both Buffy and Faith in something truly aggregious, known as slayerfest. He had mentioned that he had killed one of the hitmen and had to, or Buffy and Faith, or at least one of them, probably would have been shot and killed.

For that, I had to look upon him as somewhat of an ally, at least, for the lack of a better word. He certainly wasn't an adversary. Justin, however, had also mentioned that there was another vampire, whom he described as probably an enemy to all of us, who had killed the other hitman. His description of this other vampire, left me thinking, and put a couple of thoughts in my head...The other vampire was tall, with blond hair and spoke a German tongue. That made me believe of the much heralded and notrious vampire from Germany, Boris, but it was all specualtion until I could show Justin a picture of the nazi vampire, and have him identify Boris, with absolution.

That was a matter that I didn't want to entertain. Angel was evil and had made Cordelia evil, and they would surely be back, so if Boris was in town, it was not going to be safe, for any of us.

Buffy seemed to want to defend Justin, whom I obviously questioned, when Buffy said that he, like Angel, had a soul. Her defending of him did...did not sit very well with me, but I would hear him out. If he was good, and cared for Buffy, like he seemed to, then his help would be needed against Angelus, Cordelia, probably Spike, and certainly Boris, who seemed to be in town, if Justin's description of him was accurate.

The police came, just after Justin had explained to me how he had killed the Sofilar demons, who were benevolent, vampire-killing demons that resided in Europe. Justin started his story by asking me if I had heard of them, and of course, I had. They were undefeated against vampires in history, as far as I was aware, at least in that none of them, and there were three of them, had ever been killed by a vampire, which didn't mean that they successfully killed every vampire foe, but certainly meant that they were formidable.

I spoke to the police, at the school to investigate why there were two students...two children dead, there. I told the police of the hitmen, but didn't mention that they were both dead, which they were, both at Justin's hands and at Boris'. After several minutes of bureaucracy, and routine, the police allowed me to leave, and as I walked over to Buffy standing with Justin, the story that Justin had just told me, still played in my mind.

"Well, I was in London meeting up with Rory, who blamed me for Brandy's death on a cruise ship at the hands of a lynch mob. He sired Brandy and she was his lover, but she left after two centuries, came to America, and along with Adria, they sired me together. Brandy was my lover, and Rory knew it and resented me for it. He hated me more when he found that she had died. He blamed me for it and lured me into a situation where I had to fight the Sofilar demons. I had heard of them from my sires, and was told of their powers, abilities and what they could do to a vampire. I didn't seek them out, nor did I ever just pray on helpless people for blood. They came after me. I don't know how Rory knew where they would be, but they attacked me, and I defended myself. I killed two of the three and when fighting with the third, I was bitten before killing it. I know that the holy water in their veins was supposed to kill me instantly, a dust explosion, but it didn't happen. I also know that they never failed against a vampire in the past, not one of them alone, and I killed all three of them. I guess that it makes me quite the warrior, I suppose, and I'm here to help. I've been receiving visions since I woke up with a soul after the Sofilar bite...visions of Buffy. I didn't know who she was, but I knew that she was important and that whoever kept me alive for some reason after I should have exploded from the bite, wanted me to help, and I want nothing more then to help Buffy..and you, I suppose, in the process. I assure you that guilt fills me for many of my wrongs of the past, and nothing more then killing the Sofilar demons..."

I didn't want to be at the school anymore, and was woozy from accidentally shooting myself with a tranquilizer dart, when trying to put the two men with the guns, shooting people, down. I, however, didn't...didn't want to leave Buffy alone with Justin just yet, either. I believed him, fully, although I wasn't sure how we was able to survive a Sofilar bite, or why the powers in control of these things would allow him to live, but research was required, and surely, there wouldn't be any precedent for what he had become, and how. For the time being, I had to take what he had said at face value.

Still, I didn't want him alone with Buffy, which I knew that he would be if I left both of them. So, I invited them both over to my home, and as we got into the car and drove there, I was left with a predeliction to question myself for inviting another vampire into my home, but if needed, I knew the spell to cast a vampire back out...I knew the de-invitation spell, and would use it if necessary. I felt, currently...currently, though, that he and Buffy being near me was called for. I couldn't simply just trust Buffy being around another vampire, considering the track record with Angel, even if I did...did believe Justin's tale.

He was affiliated with Rory and Adria and Brandy, and more then likely, Fangdan, as a result, and he had faced the Sofilar's, which, on top of everything else, gave Buffy, Justin and myself, a lot to discuss. I just didn't know where...where to begin. I looked over to Buffy, who couldn't be unaffected by Justin's tale of killing the Sofilar's and his souling. She had known of this before he told me, but I couldn't believe that he had just spille dhis guts to her, in such a short time, like he did for me when he found out that I was her watcher. There were so many questions that I wanted to ask about his past, and his connections with his sires, and if he was going to help us, then...then there was also so much that he needed to know about Angel, Willow, Jenny and Cordelia, and many other things, not to mention, that we had to prepare for them for the future, and apparently, we had to prepare for Boris being in Sunnydale, at the hellmouth.

Again, I looked at Buffy, with Justin in the back, scrunched behind us, hoping that she could intervene and break...break the silence. There was much to discuss, and I was a little too intoxicated by pheno-barbitol, to know where to begin. I wished to God that I felt revived and several mugs of tea were in my future, so that I could attain some clarity, for there were so many things that needed discussing.

[Buffy and Justin]
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