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Sleep interrupted.

The night had gone exceedingly well, as far as I was concerned. Sure, the vampire slayers still lived, and the plot to kill them had been foiled, but minimal damage had been done, and in an election year and an even bigger year for me, personally, I thought that the way the damage had been managed was perfect.

After Boris, the nasty German vampire that I had hired because of his abilities, had reported to me that the two hitmen and all of the other demons had been taken care of, and that the waves had been minimal, and after Principal Snyder had reported to me that only two students had been killed as a result of this, I was able to go home and sleep with comfort.

Sure, in the morning, I would have to give a press conference about stupid violence, where I would also have to honor the victims and show support for their families, but that was easy, as long as it looked like the town was safe, and that this was just an isolated incident of terrorism.

I had votes to acquire from the parents of this town, and I had never lost an election, so in this year in particular, I needed to limit the waves that were so frequent in this heart, demon-infested town that I had run for one-hundred years. Sure, if I had opposition in the upcoming election, he would either have an unfortunate accident, or it would come out that he was a pedarest or a drug dealer, or something nasty, but I still had to make the appearance of being in charge of the community's safety.

I laughed at that one as I wiped my hands and tossed the remnants of the wet-nap into a trash receptacle near my bed, and lay down to sleep, missing my Edna Mae, like I did virtually every night. Before I could close my eyes, the phone rang and on the other line, was Allen, who was out doing routine surveillance like he so often did, to kiss my ass, and he reported to me, that Spike was back in town, and seemed rather agitated. He had even crashed his car.

I rolled out of bed and told Allen that I would handle this matter. I dressed again, and then phoned Boris. With Spike back in town, chaos would raign supreme and that was something that I could not allow. I had just the right person to handle this Spike matter and I got back into my car and drove to city hall, dialing Boris on his ceel phone to get him back to my office. I was paying him an ungodly fee for his services, so I expected him to put down his meal, drop that neck and get over to the office immediately.

He answered and begrudgingly agreed to, even though he didn't like being called on a whim to do what somebody else wnated him to do. Honestly, I thought, as I pulled up in the middle of the night at City Hall, vampires were entirely too cranky. Boris would like the objective that I next had for him, though, I suspected, and withn fifteen minutes, he came into my office, looking fresh, like it was the middle of the day.

I thought about it and laughed. It was the middle of the day for him, I supposed. He questioned me about my laugh, and I decided to get this night over with quickly.

"It seems that we have another wave that has come to town that you might be familiar with from your time in Europe, Mr. Reminger, and to answer your question, I laughed because I was just thinking how fresh that you look, like it was the middle of the day for you, which of course, I thought and laughed about, it actually is...Breath mint?"

I extended my arms with the jar, and he declined.

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