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beautiesnbeasts's Journal

Beauties -N- Beasts
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The Wretched:
Angelus: shanshu_angel
Cordelia(ius): cordiechase/cordeliaxxchase
Spike: railroad_spike
Drusilla: Dusted
Mayor Richard Wilkins: wilkins_richard
Boris Reminger: nazivamp_boris
Ethan Rayne: ethan_rayniac

The White hats:
Buffy Summers: buffyxsummersx
Faith LeHane: badass_faith
Rupert Giles: backintweed
Xander Harris: powerless_scoob
Daniel Osbourne(Oz): pretty_much_oz
Justin Jensen(vampire with a soul): no_fear_justin
Amanda Beckham: amanda_beckham
Rory Bronson(vampire with a soul): rory_the_rage
Allen Francis Doyle(half demon, visionholder): laymans_hero
Anya Emmanuela Christina Jenkins: vengeancy_anya
Principal Snyder: snivelin_snyder
*Layout and Design by: nikkiwawa79*

A BTVS Season 3 RPG game

The Plot:
Beauties and Beasts starts at the same episode name in season three, with a twist. After being sent to hell by Buffy, Angel, with a soul is sent to hell, but there, he is tortured and his soul is taken back away and he is sent to Earth to raise Alcathla once more and to bring all of those demons that tortured him back to Earth. The problem is, as Angelus comes back to the Earth and Sunnydale, is that, he doesn't necessarily follow orders. His goal is to take Buffy down for all that she has done to him. On his first night back, he kills Willow, who was on her way to the morgue to investigate the death of Jeff Walken. That death goes unsolved as the plot starts.

Faith is also in town and is well known by all. Giles is already her watcher as well, although nothing has come out in terms of the death of her watcher, although Kakistos has been staked and Mr. Trick is in town. Mayor Wilkins has no intention of letting Mr. trick leave.

Xander and Cordy's passionate closet visits became much more, but on the night of their consummation of love, Angelus showed up to end their romance and start a love with her of a different kind. Cordelius, as Spike calls her, and Angelus hates, will torment Xander's heart after she finds her place in the demonic world. A place next to and with Angelus.

In England, two vampires feud over another vampire and endure a Lycan war only to be faced by vampire killing specialist demons, who they snuff out, only with dire consequences to their own creature of the night existences because of the holy water from the bites of these lethal demons. No fear Justin Jensen, young, not even twenty years as a vampire and from manhattan, and Rory the rage Bronson, three-hundred and fifty years old and from a powerful London legion of vampires, aren't killed, like every other vampire that is bitten by these vampire killing demons. Their bodies go through metamorpheses that aren't dissimilar to one vampire's tribulations with a certain Romani tribe.

Sunnydale and the hellmouth become the hosts of showdowns that will leave other forces different from what they once were. What will become of who now that Cordelia is a vampire, Willow is dead and not undead and Angelus is once again unleashed upon the world?